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About the Project 

The Georgia Strait Communities Atlas website hosts a variety of maps that highlight community values, marine conservation and natural riches in and around the Strait of Georgia.

A Map of How We Live, Work & Play in the Georgia Strait   

The Atlas' main map provides a wide variety of information about places around the Georgia Strait. You can explore the places of interest much like a simple Google Map, and each place has an information balloon with details about the location.  The map features four information layers (Conservation & Sustainability, Human Use & Community, Natural Riches, and Local Knowledge) to make browsing easier, and to help illustrate how we truly coexist with the ocean and it's shores that we call home.  Learn More about the Information Layers

Contributing to the Local Knowledge Layer

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“Map-making is a key vehicle and tool for transforming the way we see our world, our ecosystem, our neighborhoods. Undertaken together as communities, map making can help us find our way together.”

-Maeve Lydon, Common Ground Community Mapping Project


 Check Out Our Feature Maps

Clean Marine BC Resource Map

Find green boating resources around the region, sensitive habitat areas, and information about the best practices that will allow you to protect the Georgia Strait, while enjoy her amazing waters and shorelines.



Species At Risk: Southern Resident Killer Whales

This map has interactive information layers that show how southern resident killer whale critical habitat and food sources intersect and overlap with human activity in southern BC waters. 


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We thank the Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water ProjectTD Friends of the EnvironmentCoastal Communities Credit Union, the Province of British Columbia, Eden Conservation Trust and the Bullitt Foundation for their financial support of this project. 

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Rebecca Adams

Rebecca Adams leads our Communities Atlas Project.

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