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Strait of Georgia

An Opportunity to Conserve Real Wealth Around the Strait of Georgia



The beauty of creatures such as the sand dollar above is why the Strait of Georgia region is one of the most beautiful and special places on earth. It has been described as biologically diverse and incredibly rich, and anyone who has spent time on, near or below her waters knows this to be true.

Of course, real wealth goes beyond monetary value. The economy and environment have always been linked as the environment is the infrastructure of a healthy economy. In challenging economic times, it is a great comfort to know that real wealth can be preserved.

With your investment in Georgia Strait Alliance, we can help keep the Strait of Georgia clean, healthy and wealthy for generations to come. Investing in the Strait is investing in a strong environment, strong communities and a strong economy.

At Georgia Strait Alliance, we are working hard to keep sand dollars, and all the other amazing animals and plants that live in this precious inland sea, healthy. We invite you to support this important work because in the end, the Strait profits!

What is "Strait Profits"?

It is a program available for businesses whose values are in line with our mission and where you donate a small portion of your profits on a regular basis to one of the most respected and effective marine conservation groups in the region. Your profits will in turn benefit the Strait and all who make this region home.

How Does it Work?

By signing on to Strait Profits you commit to donating a portion of your profits to Georgia Strait Alliance. You can donate monthly, quarterly or yearly a minimum of 1% of your profits (pre-tax) or more to Georgia Strait Alliance. The beauty of this program is that during good times you can be generous and when times are lean your contributions are scaled back.

Download our Strait Profits Guide to learn more about how your business will benefit by joining this program

To join Strait Profits, please contact our Nanaimo office