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Marine Habitat

On the Water: Fishing

With more and more people fishing, fewer fish in the ocean and about 30 threatened or endangered fish species in our region, we need to make sure our fishing is sustainable.

You can make a big difference, by pledging to follow these guidelines:
As a Fine Fisherman/woman I will…
  1. Fish with the future in mind, by keeping only what fish I need.
  2. Use proper catch and release methods for fish not kept.
  3. Follow all fishing, boating and environmental regulations.
  4. Dispose of all garbage properly including the notorious old fishing line, plastic bait bags and six-pack rings.
  5. Fish only for species that are abundant and avoid species that are over-fished or poorly managed.
  6. Be aware of and respect Rockfish Conservation Areas.
  7. Avoid spilling pollutants like gas, oil and antifreeze into the water.
  8. Support the creation of more Marine Protected Areas that will provide important refuges and breeding zones for fish.
  9. Avoid fishing in Marine Parks
  10. Help educate other anglers to fish sustainably

Take the Fine Fisher Pledge!

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