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Salmon Farming: What You Can Do

Urge Government to Take Swift Action on Infectious Salmon Anemia

The Canadian Government is failing to take urgent action to protect wild salmon from the serious threat of Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus (ISAv) in BC. Learn more about ISAv and email the Department of Fisheries and Oceans urging them to take swift action to address this serious threat to wild salmon. 

New Net-cage Salmon Farm Application in Clayoquot Sound

Mainstream Canada has applied for a finfish aquaculture licence for a new net-cage salmon farm at Plover Point in the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. An Environmental Assessment screening is underway by Transport Canada, as the applicant would require a permit under the Navigal Waters Protection Act. 

You can email your comments regarding the enivonmental screening to Transport Canada at, subject line CEAR Reference #11-01-64017, Plover Point Finfish Aquaculture.    

Provincially, Mainstream has applied for a crown land tenure for the proposed net-cage salmon farm at Plover Point.

Please sign the petition opposing this tenure, and email a submission to:, and
and cc your MLA.

While the comment period deadline of August 12th has officially passed, the Province of BC has indicated that they will continue to accept submissions regarding the tenure application. 

Read our submission to the Province of BC opposing the Plover Point tenure application. 

Learn more about the proposed Plover Point salmon farm. 

Emergency Measures Needed in the Wild Salmon Narrows

Six open net-cage salmon farms must be permanently removed from a salmon migration route in the northern Georgia Strait in order to protect thousands of juvenile salmon from sea lice and other potentially fatal diseases.

Georgia Strait Alliance, with our partners at the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform, are demanding that all fish farms be removed from Okisollo and Hoskyn Channels along the east and north of Quadra Island in the Wild Salmon Narrows. This is a necessary emergency measure to protect wild salmon, including Fraser River Sockeye, from sea lice infection from fish farms. Of great concern is that the offspring of the 2009 collapsed Fraser River Sockeye are migrating through the Wild Salmon Narrows this season.

Interested organizations can sign on to our Wild Salmon Narrows Declaration.

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