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Metro Vancouver's North Shore Laundry Detergent Reduction Program

The Lower Mainland’s North Shore is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty: a rich blanket of green trees, a sparkling expanse of ocean, snow-capped mountains, and cool, clear mountain streams feeding our water supply.

Along with so many in British Columbia, the residents of the North Shore’s three communities – the City of North Vancouver and the Districts of North and West Vancouver – appreciate and protect our environment. However, we unintentionally produce an excessive concentration of laundry detergent residue, called surfactants, which end up affecting our local wastewater treatment plant (Lions Gate) and waterways, such as Burrard Inlet.

The Laundry Detergent Reduction Program is designed to address this concern and to help reduce the amount of surfactants finding their way to Lions Gate Waste Water Treatment Plant by 30 per cent.

Though this program was designed for the residents of North Shore, the need to reduce laundry detergent use is relevant to many communities in the Lower Mainland, and therefore, to protect our coastal waters, we all need to use less, to save more!

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Laundry scoop

North Shore Residents - Get your FREE laundry scoop!

This scoop shows you how little detergent you really need. A full scoop is for regular powder detergent and the 50 ml line is for both liquid and concentrated powder.

To get your free scoop on the North Shore, drop by your municipal office.