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Intertidal Quadrat Studies

Get out to the beach and see who lives there!

Photo by Judith BurkeFor over a dozen summers, volunteer "Straitkeepers" have been hitting the beaches at low tide to take part in Georgia Strait Alliance’s Intertidal Quadrat Studies – getting “up close and personal” with marine life!

Participants use an established set of techniques and tools to identify and catalogue the plants and animals found in the intertidal zone – the area exposed at low tide. They go back to the same beaches each summer, in order to identify changes over time in the number and diversity of species found on each beach.

Through these studies, Straitkeepers are deepening their understanding of intertidal ecology, and they are gathering data that can help local communities monitor biodiversity and make wise decisions in terms of shoreline development. And they’re having fun!

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Photo by Barbara Watson

"A primary result of the work is the renewal of our connection with the sea and our relatives who live there. These yearly visits provide a refreshed awareness of our participation in the beautiful web of life on this delightful planet. I am also filled to the brim with hope as I contemplate the diverse ways of adapting to and embracing this process which we call life."

--Chuck Sigmund, Straitkeeper