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Salmon Farming: Campaign News

Powell River considers closed containment facility. May 29, 2013 

Morton, Ecojustice launch lawsuit over transfer of diseased salmon. May 8, 2013

Fish Farms allied with government, activists say. May 6, 2013

Opposition Grows to Genetically Engineered Salmon. May 1, 2013

East coast aquaculture company on hook for $500K for pesticide use. April 26, 2013

Canadian and U.S. Closed Containment Farmers lead the way in Ocean-Friendly Seafood Solutions. April 8, 2013

Humpback found under fish farm net. March 29, 2013

World's first land-based-farm sockeye ready for harvest in BC. March 27, 2013

BC announces no new or expanded tenures in the Discovery Islands before 2020. March 22, 2013 

Vancouver Island land-based closed containment facility up and running with fish in residence. March 18, 2013

Eastern Shore Fish Farm Rejected. March 13, 2013

Largest study of salmon health ever undertaken set to begin in BC. March 9, 2013

Conservation Organizations Question Closed Containment Salmon Farming Report March 7, 2013

Canadian Fish Farm Quarantined. Feb 18, 2013

Deadly fish virus renews calls for land-based farming. Jan 31, 2013

Cohen Inquiry recognizes danger of Discovery Island salmon farms to Fraser River Sockeye  November 15, 2012

CAAR calls for full implementation of Cohen recommendations October 31, 2012

DFO approves new open net-pen salmon farm in Clayoquot Sound despite ongoing concerns about disease and pathogens October 12, 2012

Province approves new Clayoquot Sound open net cage site October 11, 2012

Letter to Premier Clarke opposing huge new open net salmon farm in Clayoquot Sound June 18, 2012

Salmon certification standards too weak to protect wild salmon June 14, 2012

CAAR withdraws from Dialogue with Marine Harvest Canada May 25, 2012

New Canadian 'Organic' Aquaculture Standard fails to meet True Organic Principles - May 9, 2012

CAAR opposes planned open net cage salmon production increases April 17, 2012

Georgia Strait Alliance says salmon farmers agreement no reprieve for wild salmon March 9, 2012 

Final Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue standards won't solve threat to wild salmon February 2, 2012

Mainstream's certification not 'Best Practices'                                  December 16, 2011            

Urgent action required to identify and contain spread of Infectious Salmon Anemia - November 10, 2011

Salmon Inquiry shows need for government overhaul. Press release and submission to the Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River - October 18, 2011 

54 Local, Provincial and National organizations call for immediate closure of salmon farms along wild salmon migration route - September 6, 2011
Take a virtual tour of the Wild Salmon Narrows!

Cyrus Rocks salmon farm and Waiatt Bay clam gardens - Urgent letter to DFO - August 18, 2011

Submission opposing the Plover Point tenure application for a new farm in the Clayoquot UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - June 17, 2011

CAAR's comments to the Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue second draft - June 2011

New salmon farm proposed in Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve. CAAR calls for moratorium on net-cage tenures - May 18, 2011

Better than the rest? A resource guide to farmed salmon certifications - Spring 2011

New Pacific Aquaculture Regulations pose major concerns, only marginal improvements - December 10, 2010

Conservationists commend sockeye inquiry judge for ordering the release of salmon farm disease, sea lice and stocking data - December 8, 2010

DFO study affirms viability of closed containment technology for salmon aquaculture - November 24, 2010

Elevated lice levels reported in the wake of new published science in Discovery Islands - November 12, 2010   

New research suggests salmon farms & sea lice are main cause of 7-fold decrease in coho productivity in Broughton Archipelago - October 7, 2010 

AgriMarine and MBSAI confirm receipt of first tank for Middle Bay closed containment project - September 29, 2010

Participants in Sockeye Judicial Inquiry demand salmon farm companies release critical disease, sea lice and stocking information - September 22, 2010     

Proposed Organic Aquaculture Standards, public comment period ends May 31, 2011 - July 22, 2010

Waiatt Bay traditional clam gardens dying - June22, 1010

Letter from 11 environmenttal groups including GSA calling for urgent emergency measures before Fraser River Sockeye outmigration - March 1, 2010

Managing Fraser Sockeye in the face of declining productivity and increasing uncertainty Scientist Think Tank recommendations include experimental removal of farmed salmon from sockeye migration routes - December 9, 2009 

Abundant return of sockeye does not let fish farms off the hook - September 24, 2009

Wild Salmon Narrows must be cleared of fish farms - June 16, 2009

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