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Clean Marine BC: Marina Recognition Program

Clean Marine BC logoGeorgia Strait Alliance (GSA) has embarked on an exciting and much needed new project: to develop a voluntary environmental recognition program for marinas, harbour authorities, yacht clubs and boatyards in BC.

We conducted a pilot program with Westport Marina in Sidney during 2007 and were thrilled to recognize them as our first eco-rated marina in 2008. Towards the end of 2010, we began adding participating marinas in all our region’s major boating centres and now count 20 marinas and growing in the program.

“Clean Marine BC” is modelled on the highly successful “Clean Marine” program run by the Ontario Marine Operators Association (OMOA).

Marina Handbook; photo of Sandy Island by Al Harvey, www.slidefarm.comGSA has adapted the OMOA’s materials for use in BC, including an excellent reference handbook that will enable marina and boatyard operators to identify where improvements are needed and what standards they must meet. (View the Table of Contents and Introduction). For example, they might need improvements in stormwater or waste management, vessel repair procedures, emission controls, hazardous materials handling or control of hydrocarbons. Each facility in the program will commit to the Clean Marine BC Policy.

Once ready for inspection, the marina will undergo an independent audit to determine its level of environmental responsibility. The independent auditor will determine an eco-rating for the facility between 1 and 5 anchors with 5 being the highest level of Environmental Best Practices. GSA will award marinas that pass the audit a certificate of recognition and the right to fly the Clean Marine BC flag.

Westport Marina flag ceremony

Facilities that join the program and those that become eco-rated will be eligible for a range of benefits including insurance discounts.

See a map of our Clean Marine BC facilities, including eco-rated facilities, as well as participating facilities that are working towards eco-certification.

As more facilities join the program, Clean Marine BC will become very useful in helping the boating public make informed choices regarding marine services. In fact, in a survey we did in 2004, 86% of boaters said they’d be likely to choose a marina or boatyard that used best environmental practices, even if they had to pay more to do so!

The program is now available to all marinas, yacht clubs, boatyards, harbour authorities in BC. See what the Real Estate Foundation of BC has to say about the program.


Clean Marine BC brochure coverClick here to find out how your marina, harbour authority, yacht club, boatyard or other boating facility can be involved!

Download the Clean Marine BC Brochure.

The Clean Marine BC map provides information on all our eco-rated facilities, as well as those working towards eco-certification.

Watch this site for more information or contact Michelle Young.


Many thanks to our current Clean Marine BC funders:
Boating BC Association

  Victoria Foundation   

There are still sponsorship opportunities available for this project. Contact Michelle Young for details.