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Oil Spills

Tanker off Kitimat, photo courtesy Oil Free Coast Alliance

A catastrophic oil spill in the Georgia Strait would devastate the marine environment, the coastal economy and BC's green reputation for decades to come. Despite the fact that tar sands oil is already travelling through our waters, we don't have either the resources or the technology to effectively respond to a diluted bitumen spill. Since even a ‘good' response to a spill of conventional oil in our region would only clean up about 10-20% of the oil, the best way to protect our coast is to leave the oil in the ground.

Our work

The Salish Sea Spill Map is part of our research project with Raincoast Conservation Foundation to better understand the path an oil spill might take, how far the oil could travel and what treasured places are at risk. Explore the map and read our preliminary results.

Our Save the Salish Sea project with the Wilderness Committee capaigns to stop new fossil fuel export projects, thereby reducing the risk of oil ever hitting the water. Take action and find out about upcoming events in your area!

As a member of the cross-border Pacific Oil Spill Prevention Education Team, we carry out pollution prevention education with boaters and marinas to stop smaller oil spills.

Oil spill impacts 

Spill prevention & response: are we ready?

Marine traffic in the Salish Sea


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