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Photo copyright Al Harvey, www.slidefarm.comGREEN BOATING & MARINA ECO-RATING

Boating is extremely popular!

Many of our staff, board and members are avid boaters who spend much of their spare time out on the water appreciating our amazing marine environment.

With an estimated 400,000 plus recreational boaters in BC, and most of these in the Strait of Georgia region, the marine environment can potentially be impacted by many factors, especially when we congregate in marinas and anchorages. These factors include:

• sewage
• bilge and greywater discharges
• fuel and hydrocarbons
• toxic paints and maintenance products
• disruptive interactions with wildlife

Fortunately, there are many good solutions available.

Georgia Strait Alliance’s Green Boating program is here to help you find the facilities, services and information you need in order to protect our cruising waters for many years to come.

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Boat Green coverGREAT BOOK!

Author Clyde Ford has released a new book on environmentally responsible boating called Boat Green - 50 Steps Boaters Can Take to Save Our Waters. Inspiring, practical and pragmatic this handbook is a terrific resource for all boaters who want to leave a "green wake".  Click here for more information and to order online. 15% of the proceeds goes to Georgia Strait Alliance's marine conservation work!


Michelle Young

Michelle Young is at the helm of our Clean Marine BC Program. Most of her life has been spent on or near the waters inside Vancouver Island, where she currently resides on Sonora Island. She is an avid boater and kayaker, and gets out on the water as much as she can in anything that floats! 


Georgia Strait Alliance is the recipient of a Canadian Safe Boating Award (CASBA, 2001) for our Green Boating program and we were honoured again at CASBA, 2008 for "Safeguarding the Environment". In that same year we received the prestigious Yachtsman Spring Thaw Luncheon National Environment Award.

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of BC for our Green Boating Program.