Giving & Legacy

Gift Methods

There are many ways to provide a charitable gift, including:

How to give a gift of cash:

Canadian residents can donate through any of the following methods and will automatically receive a tax receipt:

  1. Online, via a secure transaction (we accept VISA, MC or AmEx credit cards)
  2. By mail: print this form and mail with your cheque or money order to our Nanaimo office today.
  3. By phone: call 250-753-3459 and use your VISA, MC or AmEx credit card.
  4. In person: drop by our Nanaimo office (open Mon. through Thurs) and donate with cash, money order or credit card.

U.S. residents: find out how to receive a U.S. tax receipt for your donation to Georgia Strait Alliance.

Strait Savers: Our Monthly Giving Plan

One of the best ways to make a difference is to become a monthly donor. You decide how much to give and this is deducted automatically from your chequing account or credit card each month.

Monthly donations help reduce our administrative costs, and provide reliable income -- invaluable in planning, making strategic decisions, and leveraging matching funds.

To become a monthly donor, you can:

  • sign up online
  • call 250-753-3459
  • print this form, being sure to fill in the details needed for monthly donations, and mail it to our Nanaimo office

Workplace Giving

You may be able to make your charitable gift to Georgia Strait Alliance worth twice as much -- at no extra cost to you!

Many companies will match the charitable contributions of their employees. Here are just a few with matching gift programs:

  • American Express
  • Atena Life Insurance Co.
  • BMO Financial Group
  • Bell Canada
  • CIBC
  • Nexen Inc.
  • RBC Financial Group
  • Scotiabank
  • TD Financial Group
  • Telus Corporation

Contact your employer's human resources department to find out if your company has a matching gift program. If so, they'll have a form that you can fill out and send to Georgia Strait Alliance.

Planned Giving - Leaving a Legacy

Through planned giving, we can continue to make a difference even after we are gone, to ensure that Georgia Strait Alliance's work to protect the marine environment will continue to benefit future generations.

Making a planned gift is simple and can be made in any of the following ways:

  • CASH DONATION: You can make a bequest to GSA in your will, either as a percentage of your estate (residual donation) or a specified amount (cash legacy). Your estate gets a charitable receipt, providing tax credits to be applied to your final tax return.
  • CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES: A donation of capital in return for regular payments, at a specified rate, for the rest of your life. This fund is set up so that a minimum of 50% of the principal of the annuity goes to GSA after your passing. The advantages are two fold: a charitable receipt is issued for the difference between what you contribute and what you are expected to receive as regular payments, and a substantial portion of the annuity payment may be tax-free.
  • CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST: A donation of property or money, in which you continue to use the property and/or receive income from it while living. When you pass away, GSA receives the property or remainder of the funds; the asset is then removed from your estate, reducing the estate taxes. You get a tax receipt for the current value of the assets when you transfer them to the trust; the benefit over a cash donation (above) is that you are able to use the tax credit right now, or carry it forward for the next five years.
  • LIFE INSURANCE: A simple and affordable way to make a significant gift while still leaving your estate to your family: you make GSA the beneficiary of your policy and your estate receives a tax benefit when GSA receives the proceeds.
  • ENDOWMENT GIFTS: GSA has created an endowment with the Vancouver Foundation.  You can donate cash or any of the other  sources listed here, to this fund that will provide interest income to GSA for years to come. The larger the trust, the more significant this income will become, providing GSA with more ability to weather the tough economic times.

To learn how Georgia Strait Alliance members' planning is support our work, read this profile about recent bequests.

If you wish further information or are interested in making a planned gift, please contact Cathy Booler.

Transfer of securities

Since May 2006, it has been very tax-advantageous to make a gift of securities rather than cash, as the capital gains tax on publicly traded securities (including mutual fund units) was eliminated when these securities are donated to a qualifying charity.

For the tax exemption to apply, you must transfer the security to Georgia Strait Alliance's brokerage account. You will receive a charitable receipt valued at the closing trading price on the day that we receive the shares.

If you are considering making such a gift, please contact Cathy Booler.

Gifts of property

Tangible property that can be considered a charitable gift includes art works, books, household furnishings, automobiles, equipment and collections. You will receive an immediate charitable receipt for the fair market value of the gift, as determined by a qualified appraisal. You will also see a net tax savings on any capital gains, if applicable.

Endowment Fund

GSA has recently created of something we've long wished for: our own Georgia Strait Alliance Endowment Fund. The new Fund will be administered through the Vancouver Foundation, and it has been made possible thanks to a very generous initial donation, made in honour of Captain William Iain Stewart and Joan Milne Stewart. Read more about how you can contribute to this fund.

If you are interested in making a gift of tangible property, please contact Cathy Booler.

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