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Vancouver's waterfront is...

Building A Vision 

The Waterfront Initiative works to restore, protect, and revitalize the waterfront in the city of Vancouver. We bring together a broad range of stakeholders and partners, representing First Nations and other levels of government, industry and business, civil society and other sectors to collectively create a vision for the shoreline and take measurable steps to make this vision a reality.


Why Care About the Waterfront? 

Vancouver’s waterfront is one of the city’s greatest assets—but we cannot take it for granted. The shoreline shows the stresses of increasing urban densification; rising sea levels and other effects of climate change, along with increasing competition between waterfront users, pose serious challenges that need to be addressed. New solutions are required to meet the needs of industry, housing and recreation while protecting the natural ecology of the area, in particular for the at risk species that call it home.


The Waterfront Initiative seeks to build a thriving and diverse shoreline that supports the current and future needs of healthy ecosystems, recreation, access to nature, and a strong economy that benefits all citizens.


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Get Involved

  • Show Us Your Waterfront! Share your pictures, stories, and videos from your favourite places on the waterfront for our community mapping project. Use the hashtag #myvanwaterfront and tag your location on instagram & twitter or enter your submission here


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