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Action & Stewardship

About our Members

We're a diverse group!

Georgia Strait Alliance's members live in communities all around the 5500-kilometre Strait of Georgia.

Most are permanent residents of this region.

GSA member Fritzi Olson lives in Florida & loves visiting the Strait of GeorgiaMany others have summer homes or vacation property here, or visit this region as often as they can. Some hail from interior BC and Washington State, some from central Canada, others from as far away as Massuchusetts, Hawaii, Florida and even China!

They're young, old, and in-between...city dwellers, small town inhabitants and rural residents...boaters, paddlers and landlubbers...individuals, families, and a wide variety of organizations and businesses.

So what do all these diverse folks have in common, to make them Georgia Strait Alliance members?

Geoff Meggs and Joming Lau helping out at the Vancouver International Boat ShowThey're passionate about the marine environment in the Strait -- whether these shores are their year-round home or their vacation playground. They care about air and water quality, marine wildlife and its habitat, and the health of our coastal region.

Our members are the heart, soul and strength of Georgia Strait Alliance. Follow the links below to meet some of them. We hope you will join our diverse organization. .