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GSA 2014 Summer Outreach Events Agenda

photo: Michelle Young

The sun is finally here, and everyone knows that one of the best ways to explore the Strait is heading out to events! This summer, we’re really excited to be at a variety of events throughout the Georgia Strait’s communities, and we’re also delighted to be trying something new. Rather than attending as many general events as possible, we are focusing our outreach strategy on making the most of GSA’s 3 main active programs: Waterfront Initiative, Clean Marine BC, and Tankers & Spills. This means that we will be at events that directly correlate with the individual or combined goals of each program. Whether it be dockwalking for CMBC, rallying against pipeline expansion for Tankers & Spills, or engaging Vancouver’s citizens in relation to the Waterfront Initiative, we hope to create as much meaningful impact as possible. If you see us out and about this summer, make sure to come say ‘hello’ and tell us why you love the Georgia Strait!

Some of our Upcoming Events:

We'll be attending other events throughout the summer as well. Check back often for updates!

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