Pipeline and Tanker Map, Petition, Spill Scenarios and more.

In response to numerous requests from our caring members and the general public we have developed a petiton to push for no more crude oil tanker increases in and around beautiful Georgia Strait. Please sign the petition and share with others as much as you can.

Also check out what could happen if we have a major spill in our region by watching various oil spill scenarios created by the David Suzuki Foundation. 

JUST ADDED - Report: Financial Liability for Kinder Morgan

MAP - Map of pipeline and tanker routes (Courtesy of Sierra Club BC)

NEW  - Animated oil spill scenarios for our region! (Thanks to the David Suzuki Foundation.)

UPDATED - A citizen's guide to tankers, oil spills and the risks to our region.

NEW - Strait of Georgia crude oil tanker video.

For more information see our "Tankers in Georgia Strait - The Risks are Growing" webpage

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