Salmon Aquaculture

CAAR withdraws from dialogue with Marine Harvest

Georgia Strait Alliance, as part of the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform recently sent a letter to Marine Harvest Canada informing them that we are no longer part of the Framework for Dialogue as a result of MHC’s decision to cancel their closed containment pilot project and to unilaterally pull out of a near-completed Benefit/Cost Analysis comparing the pilot project to their net-cage salmon farm operations. While there have been some positive gains through the course of the working relationship, our commitment to work constructively towards solutions has been met with endless stalling and eventual reneging on agreements on the part of Marine Harvest CAAR maintains that some of the collaborative work with MHC led to interim improvements in protecting wild salmon through the fallowing of juvenile wild salmon migration corridors in the Broughton Archipelago. However, the important work of collaborating on longer term solutions has been cut short by the company’s recent decisions, including new applications to expand production at some sites, something CAAR is strongly opposed to. We no longer consider there to be any benefit in working with a corporation that is committed only to maintaining and expanding their harmful net-cage operations.

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