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Action & Stewardship

Current Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to get involved and we welcome your involvement. For example, you can:

  • We have an exciting volunteer opportunity as a Clean Marine BC Assistant. Join our Clean Marine BC marina eco-rating and green boating program team. 
  • Help at fundraising and other fun events.
  • Help at community events which we attend throughout the year. If you would like to get out in your community, meet new people, and promote issues concerning our coastal waters, please volunteer to work at our information booth.
  • Become a Straitkeeper: join or help initiate intertidal quadrat studies in your community. (Programs currently running in Victoria and on Pender Island.)
  • Clean up your local shoreline as part of the International Coastal Clean-up.
  • Mailout in our Nanaimo officeHelp in our Nanaimo office (e.g. reception, data entry, assisting with mailouts, organizing files).  A great way to become part of the Nanaimo cerw & meet other like-minded people.
  • Help in our Vancouver office (proofreading, collating and assembling documents).
  • Help out at our Nanaimo charity Bingo events.
  • Circulate our Urgent Actions in your community.
  • Help research timely issues.
  • Sign up your friends and family as GSA members!

If any of these opportunities interest you, please fill in the volunteer form or contact us at (250) 753-3459 or by email.