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Wild Salmon Narrows Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Wild Salmon Narrows 

The Wild Salmon Narrows campaign to clear a migration route at the north end of the Strait of Georgia was launched two years ago, just before the 2009 collapse of Fraser River sockeye. Removal of all farms along the east and north side of Quarda Island is a necessary emergency measure to protect wild salmon that migrate through this area, including Fraser River sockeye. 

Information emerging from the Cohen Inquiry into the Collapse of Fraser River sockeye highlights the urgent need to clear this migration route, and to work towards a transition of the salmon aquaculture industry out of harmful net-cages and into closed containment technology. 

Get up close and personal with fish farms,
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Over 50 organizations have signed the Wild Salmon Narrows Declaration, demanding the immediate removal of the salmon farms operating along this critical wild salmon migration route. 

Please join us on a virtual tour of the Wild Salmon Narrows. We hope our virtual map will connect you to the wonders of the region, as well as exposing the risks posed to wild salmon and the marine environment by net-cage salmon farms. Explore everything from wildlife to community, fish farm diseases to sea lice.

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