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Urban Sustainability

Waterfront Living

Almost three quarters of BC’s population lives around the Strait of Georgia. Those lucky enough to be waterfront property owners are on the front line for healthy interactions between land and water!

You can make a big difference, by pledging to follow these guidelines:
As a Worthy Waterfront Property Owner I will…
  1. Soften my shoreline with native trees, shrubs, grasses and beach logs, so as to improve protection against erosion.
  2. Resist the urge to “tidy up”, and instead, let organic debris like beach logs and fallen trees act as a natural sea wall.
  3. Landscape with low maintenance native plants, mow lawns high with a mulching mower, and compost kitchen and garden waste.
  4. Prune trees rather than removing them, and plant native trees and shrubs to reduce erosion and runoff.
  5. Use environmentally friendly products and cleaners, or home-made non-toxic alternatives like baking soda and vinegar.
  6. Dispose of used oil and other pollutants properly.
  7. Repair and maintain my septic system.
  8. Repair solid surfaces with porous materials and redirect gutter runoff into porous or vegetated areas, away from shore.
  9. Share beach access with my neighbours, and where possible, maintain a narrow winding trail so as to avoid accessing steep banks.
  10. Use public docks and boat launches, and/or consider replacing my dock with a low impact access option (e.g. a mooring buoy).
  11. Use a well maintained mower and a 4-stroke outboard motor or fuel-injected 2-stroke.

Take the Worthy Waterfront Property Owner Pledge!

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